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absorbent cotton gauze

Absorbent Cotton Gauze

Plain woven cotton cloth which is highly absorbent. It is free from impurities and reasonably free from weaving defects. Normally manufactured as a 36x100 sheet and then folded longitudinally into a 4ply roll. These length and width measurements can be customised as per the requirements of our buyers. Absorbent cotton gauze is used as an external dry wound dressing.

x-ray detectable gauze

X-ray detectable gauze

This is a combination of absorbent gauze and a non-toxic x-ray detectable monofilament or multifilament barium sulphate yarn. This enables any such pad accidentally left inside the body after the wound has already been closed, to be detectable in an x-ray.

cotton bandage

Cotton Bandage

White Close Woven is produced in 2.5m, 4.5m and 9m in length and width ranging from 5cm to 14cm. We also manufacture custom length and width measurements.

Manufacturing Process

Surgical Gauze manufactured at our factory are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and adheres to international standards.
This is ensured by our careful and methodical manufacturing process.


Purchase of Yarns

We purchase high quality yarns from both the local and the foreign suppliers, which is used in the production process of medical gauze.


Weaving & Rolling

The Cotton yarn is woven according to a standard or to a custom measurement based on the requirement with the help of modern air-jet looms. Then the woven product is rolled and edges are evenly cut to be parallel with the warp threads.


Bleaching, Washing & Packaging

Finally the yarns or grey cloths are treated with alkali and then bleached to give them the clean white appearance and boiled to high temperature which further removes any impurities in the yarn. Finally after careful inspection the product is packed and labeled into seal type clear covers which are then stored until dispatched.

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